Haul Fair Handicraft and Interview Etsy Seller Parvi Mundi

Who is really Parvi Mundi from Etsy? In this video, an exclusive interview with Lia D’Apote by ParviMundi.etsy.com

Hi guys, I’m Elena, fashion designer and retro dressmaker.

In this video I take you with me to the Manualmente and Miniature Italia fairs!

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I’m looking for a cordless sewing machine to work at markets without power, do you like the idea? Write yes or no in the comments!

At Manualmente Fiera I found these appliques very nice, pon pon with which I will make imaginative cushions; various cords for nursery set, bags.

Now we are going to Miniature Italia Milano to meet my colleague Lia of Parvi Mundi.

A cotton fabric for upholstery with printed stars with which I will make creations for Independence Day;

a ball of yarn with which I want to do an experiment in cap or crochet phone;

beautiful colored buttons, a vintage pincushion!

I present to you my colleague and especially friend Lia D’Apote of ParviMundi.etsy.com who has a shop on Etsy and realizes some spectacular things!

Explain Lia where all this came from.

I started to work these creations two and a half years ago, I started with the epoxy resin and the piece that most represents me is this drop in which a small morning sky is inserted.

Over the years I have refined, using the machines that allow me to create a resin with characteristics similar to those of glass.

In the meantime I became interested in the use of electroforming, which is a technique with which you can cover metal any object can create special jewels with an unusual style.

This is what I do for now, I hope in the future to acquire new skills and new interests for new techniques.

What’s your store name?

My shop is called ParviMundi.etsy.com I am an Etsy seller, I hope you enjoyed this video.

(later I will put all his references in the description) thank you Lia!

This is the pendant that gave me Lia https://www.etsy.com/ParviMundi/listing/521725570 a three-dimensional pendant with inside the clouds, the sky and a swallow, the symbol of Parvi Mundi.

bracelet: https://www.etsy.com/ParviMundi/listing/634162095

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