How to Increase Sales at Craft Fairs, 8 Tips!

8 tips on how to increase sales at local markets from experienced exhibitors with whom I had the honor of working!

Hi guys, I’m Elena, fashion designer and retro dressmaker.

How to increase sales at local markets?

In this new video I show you how I put the advice of experts into practice!

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I still remember my first Christmas market, I found myself in the middle of high-level exhibitors, I was with a simple red table with my creations on it. My banquet neighbors, who had been selling local markets for many years, were very kind and willing to give me advice to improve myself.

  1. First of all use a white base to expose the creations because it brightens the colors well. So I covered all the white banquet!
  2. Then to take inspiration from the other exhibitors. So turning to Christmas markets in Milan, Artigiano in Fiera:
  3. I created a vertical structure to put the products up to the eye of passers-by.
  4. I also try to arrange the creations in color order with color theory.
  5. Over time I chose a color palette for my brand that I also use in this new stand and
  6. I wanted to reproduce the cupcake style of the 50s, with themed decorations!
  7. A colleague also advises dressing in the subject with what you sell, and
  8. creating a mini workshop during the exhibition, so I’m working on a simple princely apron and I already have a chaplet! I also ordered a Singer cordless sewing machine from the USA!

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