Haul Buy Wool for Crochet and Knit

Crafter shops to see in Milan absolutely? Here is one for lovers of knitting and crochet, even as an antistress! And you can breathe an air of mystery and magic!

Hi guys, I’m Elena, fashion designer and retro dressmaker. Welcome to my new video!

Today I take you with me to the center of wool in Milan for my new fall winter 2019 collection!

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It is a very well stocked shop, with wool of all types and colors.

Here I can also find big yarns in bright colors for my new crochet projects!

I came back from the Centro della Lana shop, here’s what I bought:

this innovative polyester and viscose yarn was recommended to me to make a crocheted tablet bag because it is rustic and suitable for a bag to use;

for the autumn and winter 2019 instead I will make a kit hat and crochet scarf with these three colors: turquoise, yellow and cobalt blue!

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